About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Cassy Capoverde, I’m 21 years old and a 2nd year Event Management student at The University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

My journey to events has been a bit of a roller coaster. Born into an Italian family, I grew up living and breathing the essence of our family restaurant in Manchester. My heart is well and truly embedded into the walls of this place. It gave me inspiration and motivation from an extremely young age.


A budding waitress at 4, it was only natural that my first stent of employment would be within the restaurant. From 14, I would spend my weekends learning the ins and outs of the business. Although this gave me the best foundation for entering the working world, I felt that ultimately, I would need to spread my wings in order to realise my own potential.

After leaving school without a clear direction focus, my 6th form years were spent cramming for science A-levels and preparing for Midwifery interviews (yes, I know this is random!). I received 5 offers to study Midwifery and accepted my offer from The University of Chester, ironically 3 days before finding out I was indeed expecting myself. This did not alter my plans. I did the first year of this degree before realising that it was definitely not the career for me.

The following September, I enrolled on the Event Management degree and I have never looked back since. Planning my own wedding really began my curiosity of the event’s world, but events were not totally alien, as I had worked on many events at the restaurant and had been an events assistant for a few local hotels and restaurants.This is 100% what I was born to do. The first year of my studies and a summer travelling the country with a music events company, introduced me to the excitement and indeed challenges of the industry and gave me the reassurance that this was the right path for myself.

Now well an truly devoted to the world of events, my curiosity of the industry has begun to wonder beyond the boarder of the UK. When the option to participate in an International Study Visit programme in Reykjavik arose, I immediately saw an opportunity to explore the world of events outside of the country, and so here I am writing this blog which will document the journey I take to find these Icelandic treasures.